Kid3 Kicks, ah, Well It's A Kyamo Replacement

So for ages I’ve used Kyamo to edit MP3 tags. It had been great because it edited multiple tag versions and it also not only viewed embedded album art, but allowed you to edit it. Sadly Kyamo is no longer supported in K/Ubuntu. Well, as with most FOSS, you can always grab the source and compile it yourself. I had wished I had time to do just that, and maybe update/maintain it.

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What A Find,!

Surfing can be fun. I am usually targeted in my use of the Internet, but I’m really glad I found this website. It started out from a potentially annoying thing. Someone whom I have no relation, nor do I have any idea why they wanted to “be my friend” on That site isn’t the website of interest, and I love to get recommendations on music. Anyways, I found out it was a band that was being “sly” as also being a “user”.

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