Using CloudReady, A Linux/Chromium OS Distro - Part 2 (12/04/2015)

This is getting to be really late. I forgot to post it, and have since moved on to testing Antergos Linux. Anyways, here is an “almost too old to post to post”… I’ve been using CloudReady on an off on this laptop for a while now. Everything works pretty swimmingly. If you’re into the whole Google ecosystem, then using CloudReady should be pretty seamless. I’ve seen many reviews with agendas, either their own or someone else’s.

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Using CloudReady, A Linux/Chromium OS Distro - Part 1 (11/8/2015)

Back to blogging a bit because I’m recovering from some surgery. Nothing major. Its only been almost a year and half since my last blogging. :-) So last time I blogged I used my Toshiba Satellite A105-S4254 laptop to test out Android-x86. A fun experiment, and proved to myself that Android can be used as a desktop if you don’t need sophisticated content creation. Since then I used this laptop to create my own “DIY Chromebook” using Ubuntu.

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ChromiumOS on my XPS M1530 (and other computers)

So I’ve been itching to see how a ChromeOS device works. I want to see how well a ChromeBook would fill the home computing needs. Since I have this nice Dell Latitude XPS M1530, I thought I’d do some research to see if I could run ChromeOS on it. There is a person, Hexxeh, who provides nightly builds of the open source ChromiumOS project. These can be downloaded as bootable USB flash drive image, VMWare or VirtualBox disk images.

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