Android x86, Part V (8/13/2014 - 8/14/2014)

August 14, 2014

Most of my posts on the topic of running Android-x86 on my old former Windows XP laptop have been positive. And I’d say I’m still positive in general.

Some bad news though is that a bunch of updates for Apps came down and now things are blowing up when I have more then one Google account setup. It took some efforts in trouble shooting and a few reloads in various ways.

Most of the basics look pretty stable at this point. By that I mean the GMail, GDrive, GCal, Google Keep, Google Play Music/Books/Movies and TV, and YouTube. Google+ seems to need to be reinstalled on each boot. The camera app allows me to see through the built-in camera, but it won’t take pictures.

I’ll have to reinstall the other apps and test them as well. I’m going to message about others having the same issues. That’s the nice thing about FOSS in general; I often don’t feel like my experiences with bugs/issues are never heard nor go into a black hole.