Android x86, Part IV (8/10/2014 - 8/12/2014)

August 12, 2014

Okay, a busy weekend, so I haven’t had time to do much. Sunday was disc (ultimate frisbee-ish), and a bit of work. So no time to do anything on this Android-x86 laptop.

And yesterday, Monday, all I really had time to do was update to Android-x86’s first 4.4 release. There isn’t any OTA updates, but you can still download the ISO, boot to it, and perform an upgrade just like OTA update. Seemed to work flawlessly. That, along with some updates to apps, things are looking better.

Tonight, I tested a few apps and made the list below:

  • Google+ = now working, though randomly there is an error and I have to reinstall the app.
  • Angry Birds = working, I played the first 5 levels or so (I know, so yesterday).
  • Amazon Kindle = funny, just as I write this an update comes down. it wasn’t working, but now it loads. I forgot my password, so will check out rest once I can login.
  • NOOK app = working well, loads, I can login, download books and read
  • Overdrive = loads and all, but it, by default, rotates the screen, and doesn’t reset the rotation when exiting. Annoying!!!
  • Camera app = no longer problematic with 4.4-r1
  • Gallery = same deal, it used to blow up on startup. but not with 4.4-r1
  • OI Factory games = A bunch won’t install since they don’t support my device. The ones that do support it switch rotation. So I didn’t test beyond loading.
  • Dolphin browser = First load does the annoying rotation. After that, all’s cool; though I don’t use much for advanced features.
  • Firefox = pretty normal usage.
  • Netflix = While it no longer crashes on startup, I can’t play any videos.

I hope people find this interesting. I’ll probably test out more apps later. And work on the sound drivers…

Oh, at school, I’m planning on trying to get some of the Samsun SF310’s to be dual boot between Android-x86 and (K)Ubuntu. That will be a better way for the kids to develop apps then using the cheap tablets we can afford.