Android x86, Part III (8/9/2014)

August 9, 2014

So its Saturday. I’d thought I’d have time to do some additional work related stuff and play on my Android-x86 laptop. But alas, because of errands and usual Saturday shtiff, not much time to play. But I did do some stuff:

  • Work had power outage, so was emailing and IM’ing on the Android laptop. Also had to look up some stuff to IM my tech support guy who went on site. No troubles handling that situation.
  • Didn’t think to mention this, but I have both my personal email and work email on this laptop. That was extremely useful this monring. And I like how multiple accounts are managed on Android better then in Chrome (browser). An aside, it really stinks that you can’t use two accounts in ChromeOS.
  • Added entries for missing days.
  • I checked out moving these entries using the Blogger app. I wasn’t crazy about Blogger’s formatting options on Android, so decided not to move things that way.
  • Instead, I went to the website and have been copying and pasting things around into blog posts. It works quite well online. I’ll make a note on a previous day because I made a comment about links. Meaning, the full webeditor on works well.
  • It seems that Google Play Music has kept the files locally. I can’t hear anything because I didn’t have time to see if I can find sound drivers. But when networking is off, I can still add the offline files to the queue and I get no errors when trying to play them.