Android x86, Part II (over a few days)

August 8, 2014

I’ve been really busy, so haven’t had time to keep track of the little I did well. This is basically chronicling my experiment of using Android-x86 on a laptop that used to run Windows XP. Here is a recap of a couple of days combined.


  • Checked email, easy to do when brain-dead from a long day.
  • Played Andor’s Trail a little bit.
  • Noticed the cut and paste semantics feel a bit odd, but that’s because keyboard shortcuts are not available. Instead I’m using long mouse presses like long touchs on a touchscreen.


  • All I did was check email again, not a good test so far…


  • Disc this day, so didn’t even check email, just adding this entry later…


  • Not really an update on usage, but at work we have Samsung SF310’s. They are newer machines, and run Windows 7 (and Ubuntu) quite well. But they also run Android-x86 just as well. Also, Wi-Fi and sound work them out of the box (see below).
  • Had to work late at home on coding project, so had to use desktop. Adding this entry later…
  • I did find out the drivers for sound that came built into Android-x86 do not work. I wanted to play music from Google Play Music while I worked, but did it from desktop…
  • Still, I marked the playlists I wanted for offline playing. Will have to check for drivers and if the offline download worked just like on my phone.