Android x86, Part I (8/4/2014)

August 4, 2014

I have an old Toshiba 32-Bit laptop that had Windows XP on it. And since Windows XP is no longer supported, I decided to put Android-x86 on it. I did this a while back, but haven’t had the chance to play with it much. My plan now is to use it as my main laptop and keep a log of what I do or can’t do on it for the next bit….

Things I did tonight:

  • Check schedule to hang out with friend. Though we didn’t find a date good for both of us, this was simple.
  • Emails via GMail app was easy to check, reply and manage.
  • Start this as a Google document, which was create it via Google Drive app in folder I liked. I noticed it was marked “Offline” automatically. I could do all regular formatting that I wanted. I easily used Google Chrome browser to get both and and swap back to this document to paste them. But I could not select text and make it a link. Minor for most cases. Maybe I’ll check the blogger site, Google Sites or something else for it.
  • Surf a bit, check some online “magazine” type sites.
  • The Google+ app blows up, but the website version works fine in Google Chrome.
  • Surf a bit more. It was nice to go from Google+ to a shared article and then links from there…
  • Installed Family Guy game. Works fine on my phone, but unfortunately it blew up on this laptop.
  • Installed and then installed Andor’s Trail. Played a bit.
  • Updated this document and now going to shutdown since the battery is already really poor.

A side note added to this on 8/9/2014 is that though I can’t add links in Google Docs, I can in the webclient for So I’ve added the two links I wanted to add. For webclient of, PRO = adding links, CON = no offline edits.