ChromiumOS on my XPS M1530 (and other computers)

March 30, 2013

So I’ve been itching to see how a ChromeOS device works. I want to see how well a ChromeBook would fill the home computing needs. Since I have this nice Dell Latitude XPS M1530, I thought I’d do some research to see if I could run ChromeOS on it.

There is a person, Hexxeh, who provides nightly builds of the open source ChromiumOS project. These can be downloaded as bootable USB flash drive image, VMWare or VirtualBox disk images.

So I made the bootable USB flash drive as per the instructions. I guess ChromiumOS does not like my XPS; I could see some monitor flickering but nothing after that, even waiting for an hour or so. It sorta liked the Toshiba laptop we usually use, it booted all the way to the “setup” screen. But the wireless drivers were not built into the image. Those were the two best attempts. I also tried some other machines I have lying around. Dell Latitude D800 & D620 laptops were a no go, a Shuttle XP desktop didn’t work. At the school I work for, I tried a Samsung RF510 and Samsung SF310; neither worked beyond just getting to the “Chromium OS” splash screen.

Oh well, now I have to convince the better half that we need to buy a ChromeBook. :-)